Artists of Note | Ginger Whellock

Finding Her Place in Art

It took time for Ginger Whellock to find her place in art. She was drawing as far back as she can remember, but when she got to college, she found that the art world was captivated by abstraction, and representational painting was discouraged. Disheartened, Whellock took a hiatus from art for nearly 20 years; she still drew but with little purpose other than the simple pleasure it brought her.

Whellock oil painting
Row 1: Over the Stile, oil, 11 x 14. Row 2: Hedge Rows, oil, 16 x 12. Thompson Confluence, oil, 16 x 20. Row 3: Golden Morning, oil, 20 x 30.

During her hiatus, Whellock taught 6th grade and also lived and worked on a ranch in Montana. In 1980 she moved to Colorado, and a visit to the Denver Art Museum inspired her to find art again. “There was a painting by Scott Christensen, and it was realistic, and I thought, ‘Wow, there are people doing representational art?’ I had no idea, but that was it–I was hooked again,” she says.

In 1990 she devoted herself to art full time, pursuing both plein-air and studio work, first with watercolors and pastels and then eventually with oils. Known today for her western landscapes, and especially her water scenes, Whellock wants to expand her repertoire while continuing to improve her style and technique. “My style is painterly, but it’s not romantic,” she says. “I use the impressionistic techniques of color. I’m addicted to improving. It’s all about getting better–that’s my main focus.”
–Joe Kovack

Whellock’s work can be found at Arts at Denver, Denver, CO; Mary Williams Fine Arts, Boulder, CO; and the artist’s website.