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A vibrant life


Diana Madaras, Bougainvillea by the Blue Door, acrylic, 8 x 10.

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Diana Madaras first found art while filling an elective requirement in high school. She then earned her master’s degree in biomechanics from the University of Arizona and ran her own sports marketing company in Tucson for 18 years. Then a local professor noticed her work and invited her to join a monthlong painting retreat to Greece in 1993, which changed her life. “I was so euphoric to paint that I couldn’t wait to get up in the morning, and I had this vision that I wanted to be a professional artist,” she says. “When I got off the plane in Athens my world was black and white, and when I got on the plane home a month later I saw things differently—I was living in a world of color.”

After returning from Greece she sold her company and transitioned to being a full-time artist. By 1999 she had started her own gallery as well as her Arts for Animals Foundation charity. Today she paints in watercolor and acrylic, with her vibrant pieces earning numerous awards since her start. Madaras’ landscape, architecture, animal, and flower paintings reflect her desire to stay always inspired. “I like to mix up the subject matter because it keeps me interested, it’s new and fresh,” she says. “I try not to consciously decide how the painting is going to look and intuitively let the painting take me where it will. That’s the fun, creative
journey for me.” —Joe Kovack

Madaras’ work can be seen at her solo show this month at Madaras Gallery, Tuscon, AZ, and at

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